Workout of the Day

November 24, 2014

1) Front Squat 3×5 across
80% of best 5RM

2) 10 min AMRAP
2 box jumps(24″/20″)
2 pull ups
2 kettlebell snatch(24/16 kg).
4 box jumps
4 pull ups
4 KBSnatches.
6 box jumps.
6 pull ups
6 KBSnatches.


Latest Announcements

November 24 – 30, 2014

If change is not measured there is no change. Keep track of your progress by using the CFA Bench Mark Sheet. Tim created the easy-to-use sheet for tracking lifts, runs and workouts.

It starts Monday night! Please call a friend right now and tell them to be there at 6pm! We are doing a one week, free “boot camp” (for lack of better words) to lose a few pounds and teach nutrition. This is geared for beginners. Please help us spread the word by going to our Facebook and sharing the post  or send your friends to this link. Thanks!

There will be no regular classes on Thursday or Friday. On Friday, we will do Filthy Fifty at 10am — a Thanksgiving tradition!!

Congratulations to Courtney for opening her new business!! Hairology Studio at 5532 Jackson St next to the new Johnny’s Pizza. Call Courtney or Liz to set up an appointment at 318.704.6055 (or catch them at the 6:30am class).

The Gun Shop Episode — an entertaining and informative podcast episode with Shelly, William & Stephanie (owner of the Gun Shop)

Stay tuned for information on the CFA Christmas Party!



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Podcast Episode # 32 – All About Guns (real ones, not arms)
To Listen in: Buzzsprout, click here! iTunes, click [...]


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