The New Website Has Arrived!

 by William Albritton

Finally the time has come for the launch of the new website! Our hope is that the new site reflects the quality community, fitness and coaching at CFA. Take some time to look through the site.  I believe the site is 99% complete with some minor tweaks and additions to be made in the coming weeks. Your comments and input are always welcome.

A huge thanks to Wayne and Chris at Ugly Mug Marketing for developing an awesome site. These guys were amazing to work with. They provided exactly what we asked and bared with us through all the changes and nit picky adjustments. Not only are they a jewel in the national marketing field but they are located right here in Alexandria!

One of the additions to the site is a comment section under the “Performance” and “Competition” WODs. I encourage you to comment daily with your WOD score, achievements, how you feel, etc. This information is vital in helping us program to meet your needs.

We are so glad you all are a part of the CFA community. Continue to push to be better everyday! And push us as owners and coaches to make CFA a better place for you to train for life…next issue to address – those pesky June Bugs.


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4 Responses to The New Website Has Arrived!

  1. Les Glankler says:

    Leave the June bugs outta this. They are perfect Paleo fare. Hunt and gather some an se fer yersef.

  2. Les Glankler says:

    Hey- Leave the June Bugs outta this. They are perfect Paleo fare. Hunt and gather some and see fer yersef.

  3. Mike Green says:

    Excellent New Look! Keep up the great work!!

  4. Trayce says:

    CFA continues to groove and improve! The website looks fantastic. I’m really glad y’all decided on the Barbells for Boobs photo – love the picture of all y’all! Interacting with everyone thru this avenue is gonna be fun, too. Thanks William, thanks guys, thanks CFA family and friends!

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