June 9, 2012

1) 3 rounds not for time:
10′ hand stand walk or practice
6 – 8 butterfly pull ups (practice efficiency)
2 x rope climbs

2) Back Squat x 20. If you got 20 reps unbroken last week, increase weight by 5%. If you got 19 – 15 reps, use same weight. If you got 14 or less reps, reduce weight by 5%.

3**) 10 rounds:
10x toes to bar
30x double unders

**See Performance WOD footnote

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2 Responses to June 9, 2012

  1. JP says:

    Website rocks! Let’s get in the habit of posting here. Let us know what is on your mind or give someone props for a job well done. Also a good place to post questions!!

  2. Erik says:

    1. I have horribly inefficient Butterfly pull-ups. The rope climbs are definitely my strength.
    2. Back Squats were at 180#…made it to 15 unbroken, rested about 10 seconds then knocked out the last 5.
    3. Only had time to do 8 rounds and I got pulled away for work. 23:15…I know that is horrible but I JUST learned how to do double-unders, so I am not that let down.

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