July 10, 2012

1) Olympic Lifting Warm Up

2) Five sets of:
3 position snatch

3) Snatch Balance
Your goal on the first set of 1 should be to snatch balance your 1RM snatch weight from last Friday. If you hit that rep, add 10lbs on the last set for guys and 5lbs for ladies.

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One Response to July 10, 2012

  1. Erik says:

    2. Did the snatches at 115#…not very difficult, but I could feel myself losing efficiency when I tried to go heavier.
    3. 115#,125#,135#,135#,145#,155#. I feel like the hardest part of the snatch balance is putting it back on the traps. Probably doing something wrong.

    I felt pretty good after this and wanted to do something else. Then I looked at tomorrow’s WOD and figured there was definitely a method to the madness.

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