Is Personal Coaching Right for You?

Is Personal Coaching Right for You? by William Albritton

At CFA, we don’t push personal coaching too much because our experience shows that the maximum benefit comes from attending our regular group classes. I often hear people say the greatest benefit of CFA is the accountability, camaraderie, and encouragement from the group of people in the class. This is an unexpected benefit that is difficult to describe. It’s one of those things you must experience for yourself.

With that said, there are times when personal coaching could be a benefit. This post will address some of those folks that could benefit from personal coaching.

We are also excited to announce that CFA has a coach coming on that will offer personal/small group coaching. Individuals will be coached on exercise, mobility, and most importantly, REAL FOOD. There are currently  6 spots remaining for small group/personal coaching.  If you would like additional information, please contact us by clicking here.

Rather you want personal coaching for one month to get ready for the regular CFA classes or you plan to to make it part of your monthly routine, below are some reasons to consider working with a coach.

“I just feel more comfortable …” with people my age, weight, gender or whatever it is you have in common. Some folks just don’t feel comfortable in a class of 10 – 15 people.  Or some would feel better in a small group with close friends. So get 2 -4 of your friends and schedule a coach to work on exercise, mobility and nutrition 3 days a week to meet the specific needs of your group!

I’m just not there yet…CrossFit is infinitely scalable meaning the grandmother or the Olympic athlete can workout in the same class. One may use a PVC pipe while the other loads up 200+ lbs. But I completely understand that some folks want to lose some inches, learn the movements better and/or get their confidence up before joining the regular classes. Spending one month or even a few months with a personal coach could provide that confidence boost you need to work out next to that Olympic Athlete.

Let’s ease into CFA. CrossFit is intimidating…at least at first. For those of you attending the daily classes at CFA, I think  you would all agree it is inclusive, welcoming and most of all fun. Fairly quickly, you learn how to operate in a gym – set up your pull up spot, load up the bar, rack your weights, set up a box jump, etc. For all the people that have found CFA to be a warm (if not hot as hell in July), friendly place, there are tons more that have not been a part of CFA and they view it as exclusive, hard core or just plain intimidating. I don’t blame them. Look at all the hard core videos that go viral or the CF Games athletes on ESPN. If that was my perception of CF, I’d be afraid…very afraid. And despite what you tell these folks, they may not believe you.  Some of these people need to be assured of a softer intro to CFA. Personal coaching could be that route. If you know someone you have been trying to get to join CFA but they aren’t yet buying into they whole “it’s not that intimidating” speech, have them contact us and if we can’t get them to a regular class, maybe they could get started with personal coaching.

I need more than a class to hold me accountable. One of the amazing benefits of CFA is the accountability you feel towards the coaches and other athletes in class. It could be that you don’t want your partner going through that WOD alone. You don’t want a coach to ask where you have been or you don’t want to get ragged by your buddies for missing. Despite the tremendous encouragement from the class setting, there are a few people that need even more. More could be reviewing food logs, programming for your needs, forcing you to stay extra for some mobility work or working those weaknesses you tend to skip.

If you or someone you know is interested in personal coaching, please contact us here for more information.



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