Important Announcements: 31 Heroes, Revised Saturday Schedule, Whole 30

31 Heroes WOD starts this Saturday at 8am. Join your fellow CrossFitters on August 4 as we honor 31 of America’s heroes who gave their life. It’s not to late sign up or donate. Click here for more info on this event.

Revised Schedule this Saturday, August 4th: CFA will be hosting an amazing event to support our heroes. Therefore, there will be no 9am Intro Class or 10am regular class. Please feel free to come out and participate in the WOD or if you are not an active CrossFitter, come cheer everyone on and see what it’s all about!

Whole 30 – Are You Hungry? It is amazing to see the number of you choosing to try out the Paleo Diet via the Whole 30 Challenge! You are going to experience some amazing results.

Like anything worthwhile, it will not always be easy. I’ve heard a lot of you say that after 3 days into the challenge, you are very hungry. There are obstacles you will have to over come like sugar cravings (bread at Texas Road House anyone?!) but hunger should not be one of them. You are most likely hungry because you have not yet learned what to eat. But don’t get discouraged due to hunger. Once you determine the easy food to fill your system, hunger should not be an issue.

If you finish dinner and you are not full, eat more. If you are truly hungry (not just eating for comfort) an hour after you eat, eat again. You can fine tune your eating schedule down the road but right now, work on finding which quality foods taste good and are easy to make and transport. Make enough for leftovers. Fruit, boiled eggs and canned fish are easy to eat on the go or on trips. Sweet potatoes are an excellence source of carbs if you are a CrossFitter.

Loose the mind set of calories in equals calories out. Whole 30 is about quality not quantity. Continue to ask questions and by all means, EAT!

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