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September 17, 2014

1) 3 Rounds not for time
10 – 20 sec Handstand Walk/Hold
1 Rope Climb
5 Ring Dips*
5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups*

*Can be subbed for 5 muscle ups and can also challenge to do weighted dips and pull ups

2) 6 rounds sled/sprint:

Pull sled 50m (2x45lbs/1x45lb) then drop the sled and sprint 50m

Rest 2 min between rounds.



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September 15 – 21, 2014

This Thursday at 5:30pm, we are having a PULL UP CLINIC! Come out and learn the kipping or butterfly pull up. Invite a guest.

We are looking for a temporary hire for database entry. The project will probably take 5 – 10 hours. If you or someone you know is interested, please have them email us at

Join us for the Warrior Dash this Fall! Click here for more info! If the 12:45pm time slot is filled, sign up for the next time available.

Do you want to run a half marathon? How about lose fat and get shredded? Be on the watch out for the release of our new program…“Shredded Endurance”

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