Workout of the Day

August 27, 2014

1)3 Rounds not for time
10 – 20 sec Handstand Walk/Hold
1 Rope Climb

2) 10 50m Sprints
60 sec rest

3) 200m Sled Pull

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August 25 – 31

We could use some muscle power this Thursday at 5:30pm to help load up the equipment for Battle of the Fittest (and at 8am on Friday at the Riverfront). If we have 20 people on Thursday, it can be knocked out in 30 minutes. Friday morning at 8am we will bring it to the Alexandria Riverfront.

Please help us with our social media launch for the On Ramp Beginners program. We’ve put together a “help us launch page” with a few quick ways you can help us spread the word. Thanks for your support!

It’s that time again! Our Fall 2014 Whole Life Challenge starts Saturday, September 13th! Click here to register!

There will be no Saturday class this weekend and the gym will be closed due to Battle of the Fittest. Thanks for understanding. This Saturday we are putting on one of the biggest fitness competitions in the country, Battle of the Fittest. The event starts at 8am and will last to around 5pm. Come check it out at the Alexandria Riverfront.


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Handstand Walk Progression – Shoulder Tap and Wall Run


Battle of the Fittest schedule, workouts and standards.
  Click here for events schedule, workouts and standards. Event heats have not been released. We are getting last minute changes due to injuries, cancellations, etc. Once we get these sorted [...]

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