Workout of the Day

November 25, 2015

1) Deadlift
3 X 3 @ 87%

2) With a partner complete for time:
400m Run together with a wall ball
80 Toes to bar
100 Double unders
40 KB swings (32kg/24kg)
100 Double unders
80 Lunges with kettlebell (32/24)
400m Run together

Optional Core Workout
3 rounds not for time of:
10 GHD sit-ups (RX+ = use med. ball)
10 GHD back extensions (RX+ = use med. ball)
30 Second side plank each side (RX+ = raise top leg in the air)
45 Second push-up plank


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November 23 – 29, 2015

You have got to do this! The Turkey Trot 5k! Click here for more info. 

Revised Thanksgiving Schedule:
Thursday: No class
Friday: 9am at CrossFit Alexandria & 2pm at CrossFit 28 (these are the only classes Friday)

Could a few extra training sessions boost your performance? Introducing Private Sessions…


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