Workout of the Day

August 23, 2014

1) Workout #1

Each person will warm up then have two attempts at the following complex:

1 snatch + 2 hang snatch (full or power) (heavy)

then transition to the next workout

2)Workout #2 (with a partner)

Rx Version

Complete the following in 6 minutes:

60 x Pistols
200 x Double Unders
Max Handstand Walk

Only one partner works at a time. Athletes may alternate work when and how they choose.

Scaled Version

Complete the following in 6 minutes:

60 x Goblet Squats w/plate (45/25lb)
300 x Single Jump Ropes
Max Pull-Ups

3) Run 400m with partner then complete 200m sled pull with partner. Partners can alternate as they choose on the sled pull.


Latest Announcements

August 18 – 24

The gym will be closed this Saturday from 7:30am -9:50am. We will be training judges for Battle of the Fittest. Thanks for understanding!

Our next On Ramp Beginners program starts Monday, September 8th Come try us out! The First 2 weeks are Free!   Click here for all the details!

We are building a school in Haiti! In August, every time you check in at CFA on your Facebook, we are donating money for bricks. 3 checkins get one brick. Check out our progress here. 

ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT PALEO POOL PARTY????…Sign up here! It’s this weekend!

Join Glen and others from CFA in the 9/11 Stair Climb Challenge!


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