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January 30, 2015

1) Power Jerk
3×2 Ascending

2) Row 5k
Compare to 11/21/14


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February 2 – 8

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Dear CrossFit Community,My name is Kayla Courville.  I am adopting a newborn from the USA.  I have been in theadoption process for nearly two years now, and I am grateful to say that my son will be born in March, 2015.  I started this process at the spurring of The Lord prompting my heart. I have learned so much along the way, through lots of heartache and tears, but also through lots of love and support through my church community and the Cenla community.  Some of you may recall that I had a sweets booth set up for fundraising at the "Battle of the Fittest."  I received overwhelming support from you on that day, and I am so grateful for it.  I am doing one final fundraiser in February to help cover my travel costs for March, when the baby will be born (out of state).  I will be using the funds from this lunch plate fundraiser for travel, hospital, and hotel fees.  Therefore, I am offering a Paleo friendly option on this smoked pork lunch plate.  See the sign up sheets for lunch plate details at both CrossFit location.  The lunch plate fundraiser is set for Wednesday, February 4.  We will be cooking and plating at the CrossFit Alexandria location. I thank you again for your continued support.  Help me spread the word, please! You can also check out my blog to see the many ups and downs of this process from beginning to end. Go to: Love,Kayla Tea

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